Margarita Whipped Soap
Margarita Whipped Soap

Margarita Whipped Soap

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Our Whipped Soap is a light, airy, mousse-like consistency that is reminiscent of whipped cream that can be used in place of a bar soap or body wash. The rich texture makes it simply irresistible, you’ll feel as though your at the spa. Whipped soaps have a thick, 

foaming lather for an undeniable clean. Amazing to use as a shaving cream, as they offer ample moisture and ensure a close hydrated shave.

While whipped soaps essentially do the same job as other varieties of soaps, they make shower time feel just a bit more opulent and provide superior hydration — making them the best soap and shaving cream on the market. And these days, who doesn’t deserve a little extra pampering?

To use - scoop out desired amount and massage onto wet skin in the bath or shower 

You can also place whipped soap on a loofah or sponge for extra foam and lather as a body wash.

Use as a bath cream to create a creamy bubbly addition to your bath.

Lather up as a shaving cream.

** avoid getting water into your sugar scrub jar (a plastic spoon works great)