The Strength Large Candle
The Strength Large Candle
The Strength Large Candle

The Strength Large Candle

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The Strength

Classification: Floral


A reminder that you can be both soft and strong and that strength comes in many forms. Today find strength in yourself, in your self-love, your compassion and love for the world.


This candle is a blend of lavender, jasmine and rosemary.

Lavender – The perfect blend of floral & sweet

Jasmine – Smells rich & sweet; An intoxicating scent

Rosemary – Smells like a woodsy evergreen


Made for: The one who holds the world together. Whose strength is constant, loving and nourishing. They are subtle in their strength yet sturdy in their presence for others.


10.5 oz wax candle.

Reusable glass vessel

Made with natural coconut-soy wax sources in Canada

40+ hour burn time

Scented with paraffin-free essential oils sourced in Canada and the US.

Double wicked with natural wax coated cotton wicks for fast fragrance


Packaged in recycled cardboard box (no plastic here!)

Burn for just 30 minutes and experience a full room scent.