Smudging Bundle

Smudging Bundle


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A combination of 4 items including: Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite Stick & Black Tourmaline:

SAGE (holy plant) & PALO SANTO (holy wood) have both been used in smudging ceremonies for centuries, to cleanse negative energies and instill purification to people, places and things.   The smoke from burning either of these releases the undesirable energy and restores a positive vibrational energy back to your space.

*palo santo has been imported from Peru 

SELENITE is a crystal with immense cleansing properties and is beneficial to add to any space.  The stone is most powerful when placed in the sunlight / on a windowsill. This will help to maintain a positive environment.   

BLACK TOURMALINE is a high frequency crystal, known as a protective & grounding stone.  It acts as a shield warding off negative energies.  This is a very powerful stone that is commonly kept at any doorway or entry point. 

*instructions included in each kit