Relax 7.5oz Candle

Relax 7.5oz Candle

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Classification: Floral, Fresh, Woodsy & Balsamic


For days spent on park benches with your favourite books, reading stories of faraway places.

A scent to encourage relaxation in a world of chaos and adventure.


This candle is blended with Wisteria, Cyclamen, Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Eucalyptus.

spring day

Cyclamen – A delicate smell, like a fine French perfume

Rose – Smells floral & fresh, like walking through your grandmother’s garden

Sandalwood – Very deep, woody scent. Smells like the perfect mix of floral, woodsy & sweet.

Vanilla- Smells like the sweetest treat on a warm summer’s day

Eucalyptus- Fresh & clean; reminds me of taking a nice refreshing shower


Made for: the ones who are in search of beautiful moments of relaxation and beauty.


7.5 oz wax candle.

Reusable glass vessel

Made with natural coconut-soy wax sources in Canada

35+ hour burn time

Scented with phthalate-free fragrances sourced in Canada and the US.

Double wicked with natural wax coated cotton wicks for fast fragrance


Burn for just 30 minutes and experience a full room scent.