Perfectly Imperfect Rose Candle

Perfectly Imperfect Rose Candle


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Perfectly Imperfect Rose Candle

Hand poured molded candle made with a soy wax blend.

Due to its design, each candle with vary slightly from each other. Like a rose, each petal varies slightly from each other and from each other.

Safety & Burning Instructions

Remove all packaging and place candle on a heat resistant surface. Burning candle on a heat safe plate is mandatory, as candle will drip and heat resistant plate is required to catch melted wax.

Do not burn candle for more than 30 mins to 1 hour at a time. 

Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch. 

Burn candles out of drafty areas, as it may cause the candle to smoke. 

Keep away from pets & children. 

Never leave a burning candle unattended.