MYLK Canna Drops

MYLK Canna Drops


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These Drops are the ultimate relaxation bath product with all the highest quality herbs.  Broad spectrum healing Cannabis Sativa provides deep relaxation for your body and muscles.  Helps to relieve aches, pains and helps  activate your parasympathetic nervous system to lull you into a deep sleep!


Moringa is all star ingredient in this drop as well thanks to it's antioxidants, antibacterial and nourishing properties -  this herb helps to boost collagen, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin!


Aloe helps to soothe and heal irritated and inflamed skin.


The herbs Mullein, Coltsfoot, Damiana, Skullcap and Lobelia are all incredible for our lung health so fill that bath to the brim and submerge your lungs deeply into the healing properties of this soak!