Mini Luxe Garland
Mini Luxe Garland
Mini Luxe Garland
Mini Luxe Garland
Mini Luxe Garland

Mini Luxe Garland


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5' mini garland includes 2 custom colors + 1 chrome (silver, gold, rose gold, green, purple, blue) OR 3 custom colors (no chrome colors) This garland is easy to transport and fits in any small hatchback or SUV (5' garlands can fit in the back seat of any small vehicle) Price does not include setup, this garland is easy to install and includes 2 command hooks & balloon strings to hang.  PLEASE ALLOW MINIMUM OF 4 DAYS. ADD PICKUP DATE AT CHECKOUT. Closed Sundays and Mondays. Our garlands are 100% organic meaning we only use latex material to keep it together. We encourage you to re-use & recycle our garlands as much as possible, so once you purchase it, it is yours to keep, repurpose or donate to someone else in need.
  • How to install

    Step 1: Locate balloon strings behind garland (long latex string attached to garland usually on each end of he garland)

    Step 2: Place the command hooks on wall (further apart than position of strings attached on the garland) & firmly press down. WAIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE HANGING.

    Step 3: Attach balloon string from garland and tie it onto the command hook. (have one person hold the garland against the wall while the other goes under to hang)


    Step 1: CUT strings from hooks BEFORE REMOVING.

    Stpe 2: Place one finger on the hook while SLOWLY pulling down tape. 


    Follow these rules to ensure safe & clean removal. \WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE