I Am Love Large Candle
I Am Love Large Candle
I Am Love Large Candle

I Am Love Large Candle


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I Am Love

Classification: Floral & Citrus


Imagine a gold light exploding from your being, this is love, this is the love you, your body and your soul wrap the world in and wrap yourself in. A reminder to never stop sharing that light to you and the ones around you.


This candle is blended with Garden Rose, Bergamot and Gardenia

Garden Rose – Smells floral & fresh, like walking through your grandmother’s garden

*Bergamot – A mixture of bright citrus with a mix of spice & floral

Gardenia – Smells like a sweet floral field


Made for: The one who loves the hardest, always comes back for more, and sees the world in all its possibilities.


10.5 oz wax candle.

Reusable glass vessel

Made with natural coconut-soy wax sources in Canada

40+ hour burn time

Scented with paraffin-free essential oils and man-made fragrances sourced in Canada and the US.

Double wicked with natural wax coated cotton wicks for fast fragrance


Packaged in recycled cardboard box (no plastic here!)

Burn for just 30 minutes and experience a full room scent.