Meditation/Healing Kits

Meditation/Healing Kits


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Meditation/Healing kit

Our Healing Meditation Kit was created with intention to support emotional and vibrational uplift. Each stone was selected with thought in connecting others with spirituality, peace, clarity, grounding and overall healing of the mind, body & soul. These stones can be worn, carried in your pocket / purse or left by your work space or bedside. 

Each kit includes the following four crystals:

CLEAR QUARTZ: Clarity, master healing of mind, body and soul.  

HEMATITE: Grounding and protection, self-esteem, confidence and willpower.                    

ROSE QUARTZ: Love of self and others, compassion and forgiveness.

HOWLITE: Peace and calm, relives stress, helps with insomnia.

AMETHYST: Healing,  intuition, clarity and raises one's spiritual vibration.