family bloom memory locket
family bloom memory locket

family bloom memory locket

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Heartfelt and delicate, this oval locket opens with a snap clasp to present two of your favorite photos and is suspended from a cable chain. This locket is engraved on the front with a flower to represent the whole family. Choose how many blooms to engrave on the locket (additional blooms can be added later on!).


  • sterling silver
  • 18" chain 
  • locket size 17mm x 21mm (approx. 1" in length)
  • image size 10mm x 15mm 
  • made to order
How to Add Photos to Your Locket:
  1. After opening the locket, use a pair of tweezers or a small pin to remove the clear plastic insert from one side of the locket. (The plastic is firm, so it should pop out easily.)
  2. Select your photo. Please note, the size of the photo will be approximately 10mm wide and 15mm tall once it is trimmed, so the photo you select needs to be sized accordingly! 
  3. Use photo paper, not regular copy paper, to print your selected picture.
  4. Place the insert over the photograph to trace an outline. 
  5. Carefully cut out the photo and place it inside the locket, then replace the plastic insert on top of the photo.  
  6. Use the tweezers or pin to make sure the 4 small tabs on the plastic insert are securely inside the locket. This is an important step to ensure your photo stays in place!
  7. Repeat these steps to add a photo to the other side of your locket.