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Fresh Charcutarie Board

This gift is truly one of experience. Gifting someone the ability to experience the taste of new fresh foods or reminiscing about tastes that are true to their heritage is our mission. Chefs Christina and Marty create each board with only the freshest ingredients on a beautiful handcrafted Canadian Maple Charcutarie Board, hoping to bring people together to enjoy food and each other. 

Details About the Product

Feeds 2 to 4 People

Ingredients may change based on availability

Proscuitto, Coppa di Parma, Genoa Salami, Proscuitto Cotto, Bocconcini, Aged Gouda, La Sauvagine, Olive Tapenada, Sundried Tomato                   & Apple Spread

Items are places on a Canadian Maple Board, sealed with a Food Safe finish.

Presentation includes clear wrapping, ribbon and a tag for a personal message.

*48 hours is required between ordering and pickup or delivery.

*If there is any additional requirements please include them in your order notes, along with what you would like included in your personal message.

*Our products do not include any seed or nuts but we make no guarantees regarding allergies and contact.