Your Benefits

A Retail Destination For Your Business

A designed displayed space to call you own. Open min. 5 days a week in the heart of Vaughan equipt with store security sensors and inventory control. 

Daily Up Keeping & Professional Staff

A dedicated professional who is informed about your products to tend to your customers and products.

Makers Online Directory

An updated list of all merchants under the page “This is Us.” that will provide your business with added exposure and branding.

Event & Workshop Studio

Monthly meet the makers events, option to host workshops (cost sharing option) and space to meet your clients.

Social Media Promotions & Branding

This is Made is working hard to ensure you are given the best possible exposure via all channels possible. We will be working with a PR firm, as well as Social Media figures to promote This is Made and its businesses.

Tax Write-off

For as little as $12/day or less you can claim this space as rental property on your taxes.

It's This Easy