Your Benefits

A Retail Destination For Your Business

Are you interested in becoming a merchant at This Is Made? A designed displayed space to call you own. We would love to have you! Let us provide you a bricks and mortar space without the overhead costs. Open minimum 5 days a week* in the heart of Vaughan, equipt with store security sensors, inventory control and drop-off hub for all you own online orders. 

Daily Up Keeping, Staff & packaging

A dedicated staff who is informed about your products, that tend to the customers and ensure their experience is a good one. Each purchase is beautifully packaged with bags and tissue. 

Ecommerce Website

Your products are added to our website which allow customers to shop from the comfort of their home. Provides your business with added exposure and branding at no additional cost. Benefit from the exposure This Is Made and the other merchants drive to your brand. Our online store equally generates the same traffic as in store.

Social Media Promotions

This Is Made is working hard to ensure you are given the best possible exposure via all social media channels and our website. With our establish social media presence you are guaranteed branding. Our Instagram stories belong to the merchants and our customers shop directly from the linked stories & posts. We encourage our merchants to promote on social media for us to repost.

Tax Write-off

For as little as $5/day, you can claim this space as rental property on your taxes. We offer a variety of space options starting as little as $100 per month to $375 per month

Added Benefits

- Inventory tracking - you are able to see your sales and inventory at any time through an app

- Monthly sales reports paid out the beginning of the following month via email transfer or cheque.

- Our website offers delivery and shipping options in Canada & USA

It's This Easy